This section is dedicated to the project Advocacy of Free Software. For reference you can find the old advocacy project here.

The Supporters of FSFE can use this section to collect FAQ, presentation and teaching materials to effectively advocate Free Software.

Advocacy is part education, part engagement. It is where we share our enthusiasm for Free Software. Every volunteer can make a significant contribution to the FSFE and share our ideals with computer users, computer programmers and technology enthusiasts everywhere.

Advocacy is not just formal lectures. You can advocate Free Software when you talk to your co-workers, when you attend a conference and when you visit a user group. Advocacy is about engaging people with our ideals in a positive and constructive manner.

There are some tips to help ensure that audiences are engaged and goals are accomplished. If you have presentation notes, tips or guides you would like to see added please write an e-mail to to get in touch!



Material is stored in the advocacy SVN repository, which is also available on


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