Local FSFE groups

Local FSFE groups are where people get together locally to organise activities and talk about issues related to FSFE's mission and/or Free Software. Each official FSFE group has a coordinator who organises the meetings and can be your first point of contact. Local FSFE meetings are covered by our Code of Conduct. In addition to local groups, there are also thematic teams that may be of interest to you.

Find a local group near you

...or start a local group:

If there is no group in your region yet or if the group does not have regular meetings at the moment we encourage you to start your own. For help with setting up a local group, see our Local Group Meeting Howto and/or get in contact our community coordinator.

Country teams

FSFE country teams are teams with members of the same language and/or cultural area or within the same national administration who mainly organise them online via mailing-list and other tools and often without physical meetings. As local teams, every country team has a coordinator and if you like to join a country team, you should reach out to the coordinators in charge.

Established country teams

Additional places for information

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