Fellowship subversion server

We have a Fellowship subversion server running on

All Fellows have read access to all projects hosted on the server; to get write access, or to ask for the creation of a new project repository, please write to <fellowship-hackers AT fsfeurope DOT org>.

If you want to know more about subversion, have a look at the svnbook (we are running subversion v1.6, so you should use as a reference).


To check out a working copy of the foobar project using the svn command line client:

svn --username yourusername co  yourlocaldir

You will be requested to enter your usual Fellowship password (the svn client will cache the password in your ~/.subversion/auth file, unless otherwise configured, so you won't have to enter it for subsequent operations).

Of course you can use any other subversion client (with SSL support); you can also browse the archive with a standard web browser at

Available projects


If you wish to have access to the df-web repository:

svn --username [your fellowship username] co yourlocaldir


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