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One of the main tasks of the FSFE is to inform the public about free software and related topics. For this, it is essential to be present with a booth or talk at conferences, street festivals and other local events.

Helping out with a booth or talk is a good way to

These pages collect everything you know about running such a booth smoothly. You find a very short summary of the most important information on this page and all the details in the deeplinks at the bottom.

Where and when to run a booth

Our community use various occasions to run FSFE booths. Many happen at Free Software related events, conferences or international days like I love Free Software Day. But many groups also prefer to set-up FSFE booths at street festivals or other conferences from Veganmania to Fair Products to Hardware.

We like the idea that the events we participate in have different audiences, as one of the operative goals of the FSFE is to increase the diversity within Free Software. This could be kept in mind when organising or participating in a booth. Some groups give preference in particular to those events which has a proven track record of diversity.

Organising a booth

Booths are essential to spread our message to new audiences but also need some careful preparation. On the page below, we go through what you need to know to either organise a booth or to participate in a booth on behalf of the FSFE. But don't be afraid, after all running a booth is a lot of fun and something we encourage all local groups to do.

In a nutshell:

Behaviour and responsibilities

Any booth has a booth-coordinator. If this is not you, please inform yourself who is that person. The booth coordinator takes some responsibility towards the presentation of the booth and that local rules by the event are adopted. Any booth participant should supports her/his work.

As long as you are behind the booth or appear to be part of the FSFE's booth please support the FSFE policies work, campaigns, material and decisions. You can sometimes state that you have a slightly different opinion on something but you must refrain from pro-actively object or counterargue the FSFE as long as you appear to officially represent us.

If there is a Code of Conduct at the event, adhere to it. In our "own space" - around the booth, in a workshop offered by FSFE or similar events - always stick to our own Code of Conduct

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