Be excellent

The FSFE and its community aim to offer a friendly and peaceful environment for every participant at the FSFE's events, online and offline. All participants at any FSFE event are expected to behave excellently towards each other. As representatives for the FSFE we adhere to our Code of Conduct. If there is a Code of Conduct at the event we also adhere to this.

Make a good first impression

There is no second chance for the first impression, so pay attention to your appearance!

Form a good team

The booth coordinator

Booth team players

Spread the word

Talking about Free Software and FSFE

Everyone at a booth should be informed about recent campaigns, because people are liking to ask questions about them. However, no one is supposed to know everything, so you don't need to stress about details. As a team, we should be able to answer to most of the questions, or be able to direct them to someone who can. Of course, you can also always say that you are "not directly involved in that activity, but you can call or email our office at <contact AT fsfe DOT org> and they'll get you in touch with the right person to ask." Or you can take name and e-mail, and assure someone gets back on the person.

Distribute promotion material

The production of promotion material is cheap. Please encourage visitors to take stickers, postcards, posters, and balloons, as many as they like.

Collect donations

You can of course collect donations on behalf of the FSFE. Obviously, you have to make sure that in the end, the money is transferred to FSFE's bank account, usually the booth coordinator is responsible for that.

Anybody can confirm that money was received. However, an official donation receipt allowing tax-deduction in Germany and some other countries needs to be signed by the President.

If somebody requests a receipt for a donation done in cash at an event, please ask the donor to register at and note the payment reference displayed at the end of the registration process. On the booth form, there is a section where you can fill in the name, the payment reference, and the amount for the donation.

If somebody wants to pay the supporter contribution in cash, you can also fill in the name and the amount in the booth form in the same section.

Sell merchandise

If you sell merchandise, there is no need to keep track of what you sold. The FSFE office staff generally counts the items sent to you, and again the items received back, and assumes that the difference is what you sold.

On explicit request, it is possible to write a receipt for merchandise sold. If somebody wants this, please note the name, postal address, and email address of the customer as well as the items bought (don't forget to note the color and the size as well!) and make sure that the booth coordinator receives this information. The booth coordinator can then forward that to the contact person in the FSFE office, who will make sure an invoice is written and sent to the customer.


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