The modeling of Free Software in EU Policy has increased, as governments' repository networking has increased through their respective Gits. In 2018, 17 out of 28 nations' governments represent Free Software with EU Policy.

Many countries in Europe have laws and recommendations referring to the procurement of Free Software and Open Standards. Many countries already use and/or build their public digital solutions based on Free Software.

On this wiki page, we attempt to provide an overview of the laws and policies that exist throughout Europe, together with some practical examples of existing digital solutions developed for public administrations as Free Software. If you are working for Free Software in your country, it is useful for you to know what your government says about the topic. Comparisons between different countries can also be instructive.

We also attempt to provide a worldwide overview of the situation for Free Software.

Join in and help us make this overview the best it can be!

European Union's Member States

An overview of policies in the member states can be found in the Open Source Observatory Annual Report 2016.

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