National level

In 2003 the Danish government adopted a Software Strategy emphasizing value for money, competition, freedom of choice, and interoperability. The policy expresses no preference for Free Software.


In 2007-2008 Danish government ran a pilot program, where government institutions were required to carry Open Document Format and Microsoft’s Office Open XML format on all computers. They were obliged to accept ODF created by the public, businesses, and other governmental units. Since 2011, ODF must be used by all state authorities.

In 2014, Aarhus decided on long-term IT strategy that requires the use of open IT standards for all of its future IT projects.

(Free Software procurement policy could not be found).

Denmark has freed up code in the national Customs and Tax Administration. The decision to create an open repository for the tax authority was taken in 2015, and has been updated with tools and Free Software since. In 2018, however, the agency is transferring from SKAT ("TAX") into Skatteforvaltningen due to tax scandals.




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