National level

In 2015, the city administration of Helsinki adopted IT strategy that emphasises a preference for Free Software, especially when developing or commissioning the development of software solutions.

Finland, moreover since 2015, has licensed the freedom of software across government. This includes for the population register centre, where code has been publicised as part of the X-Road policy initiative with Estonia. Finland has also freed up code for the National Land Survey of Finland, where the self-built Oskari Software, which has won the EU's Sharing and Reuse award as an Open Source application, has been implemented as part of the country's geoportal programme. The National Agency of Education has developed, a specialised website for the Agency, created in 2013 as Free Software, as part of the country's SADe Programme (Action Programme on e-Services and e-Democracy, 2009-2015). The National Library of Finland and the National Resources Institute of Finland have likewise freed up code, the former writing a piece on its commitment to Open licenses in 2015.



Finnish government has recommended government agencies to consider Free Software since 2003.

In 2009 JUHTA, the public administration of information, has released the recommendation on the use of Free Software in public administrations. This policy document is intended to guide public institutions in the procurement of Free Software. Nevertheless, until now Open Standards and Free Software are not yet among the top priorities of the Finnish national IT policy.

Public administration

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