1. Spain

The Spanish authorities promote the Free Software and encourage its usage by public agencies. In 2010 the Spanish government adopted the National Interoperability Framework where it is forbidden for the public administrations to use exclusively non-open standards without offering an Open-Standard alternative, unless such alternatives do not exist.

The Spanish Royal Decree 4/2010 provides that the Spanish administration will speed-up technology reuse by making applications available under Free Software conditions. In such case the relevant software will be distributed under the EUPL (European Union Public Licence). One of the examples of such publicly available software is a web-based solution for archiving electronic files Archive that has been published by the Ministry of Finance and Public Administrations under EUPL.

In a regional level, Andalusia since 2005 and the Basque Country since 2012 require software developed with public funds to be made available as Free Software.

Spain has a Technology Transfer Centre (CTT) that works between public administrations, including on the European level, in order to improve the process and function of policy initiatives. It does this in support of Free Software. [See "monitoriza"].

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