National level

In May 2016, the Hungarian government published a decree that promotes the use of Free Software and Open Standards in public sector. The decree requires the creation of provisions to propagate software built on Open Standards and Free software in the public sector. The country's Ministry of Interior is assigned to be responsible to bring in the necessary change:

* to start a central licence registry for software used by the public sector;

* to create a committee to help promote the use of open standards and Free Software, involving the country’s ICT council, the Academy of Sciences, and others;

* to report yearly on progress made on the use of Free Software and Open Standards.

To follow-up, in November 2016 the Hungarian government published a Decision, setting its goal to reduce the use of proprietary software in eGovernment by 60% till 2020. For that purpose, it engaged NHIT, the National Council for Telecommunications and Information Technology, and NISZ, the state-owned National Information and Communication Services provider, while the whole progress is monitored by the Prime Minister's Office. According to the above Decision, ICT procurement solutions must be platform-independent. In addition, NHIT and NISZ should create standard free PC desktop software configuration for all the government departments and a standard government document template repository.



Public administrations

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