European Economic Area and Non-EU Member States


In 2007, Icelandic government published the "Policy on Free and Open-source Software" that is promoting the equal treatment of proprietary and Free Software in public procurement; encourages to prioritise Free Software and open standards to avoid vendor lock-in and to promote the reusability of software that is supposed to be the goal of publicly funded custom-build software.


In 2009, a regulation, "Forskrift om IT-standarder i offentlig forvaltning" (approximate translation: "Regulation of IT standards in the public sector") introduced requirements for HTML, PDF, ODF and certain media formats in published documents (FOR-2009-09-25-1222). In 2013, this regulation was revised (FOR-2013-04-05-959) to include the Microsoft-developed Office Open XML format, despite objections (for example, EFN/FriBit, Fri programvare i skolen) in the consultation process and controversy around OOXML's endorsement as an ISO standard.


In Switzerland, there was uncertainty in 2010 regarding the development and release of Free Software by public contractors. The trigger for this was the development and release of the software “OpenJustitia” by the Swiss Federal Supreme Court. The federal council now wants to examine whether the publication of Free Software by the federal administration can be allowed explicitly.

Geneva eVoting system is published as Free Software.

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