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Processes for joining or leaving team members

Admin tasks to do when someone joins or leaves the FSFE. This can be volunteer core team members, interns, staff, or GA members.

If the person leaves the FSFE or her employment ends, you have to revert most or all steps.

FSFE account

If the person doesn't have an FSFE account yet, ask her to create a new account by becoming supporter or volunteer.

In the latter case, the account has to be manually activated. Ask them to write an email to to make the account managers aware of it. They should then report back to you to allow you to execute the next steps.

Mailing Lists

Add the person to important mailing lists, depending on her position:

Team: team@
Intern/Employee: team@, staff@
System Hackers: system-hackers@
GA: team@, ga@

On the server list1, you can run find_member to check a person's membership of possibly sensible mailing lists.

To quickly add an email to a list, you could run: echo | add_members -r- -ay -wy listname. To remove them: remove_members listname

LDAP team group

Add the new team member (being in the European core team, an intern or an employee) to the "team" group in the LDAP database

Log into the LDAP server (berzelius) and run

ldapvi -D 'cn=admin,dc=fsfe,dc=org' -b 'ou=groups,dc=fsfe,dc=org'

For each CN, there is a separate section. Add the person to the appropriate sections.

Team: team
Intern/Employee: team, staff
System Hackers: sysadm
GA: team, ga

More info about ldapvi in the syshackers documentation.

Access to the wiki internal pages

In order to allow users to access restricted pages, you have to add them to Wiki groups by adding their FSFE accout name in a list. Please note that usernames are case sensitive!

These pages define a group of wiki users that have access to some restricted pages (usually dealing with internal team matters). See this page for further instructions.

Team: Group/Team
Intern/Employee: Group/Team
GA: Group/Team, Group/GA


Employees have to and interested core team members can be member of the Matrix room.

Room moderators have invite the new user's Matrix ID. Please note that the Matrix account has to exist.

Intern/Employee (mandatory):
Team/GA (optional):
System Hackers:


OTRS is our ticket system. Please add the person to the relevant queues.

Team: depends on individual interests and positions
Intern: Shipping
Employee: depending on work areas
System Hackers: System Administrators
GA: depends on individual interests and positions

Please follow this procedure and this one.

If a person leaves, please make sure to transfer ownership of the remaining open tickets to someone else.

Git / Gitea teams

Since some of our files and knowledge resides on, new people have to be added to some teams in order to access their repositories. Please note that you can only add users who logged in to Gitea at least once.

Team: FSFE/team
Intern/Employee: FSFE/team, FSFE/staff
System Hackers: fsfe-system-hackers/systemhackers
GA: FSFE/team, FSFE-GA/members


Some groups use our Nextcloud installation for sharing files, working on tasks (Desk) etc. Most groups are synced with LDAP, so no need for you to do anything here.


Select teams have access to our Passbolt installation which is independent of LDAP or other services.

New users can be invited from within the web interface, and afterwards added to their respective fine-grained groups. Removed users can just be deleted altogether.

It might make sense to rotate the preceding HTTP Basic Auth Password once in a while.

Website Internal

Interns and Employees need to be added to staff listings in the internal webpages for the Per Diem (pd.en.xhtml), Expense Request (er.en.xhtml) and Reimbursement Claim (rc.en.xhtml). In addition, add them to cgi-bin/

Fooled Friday

Interns/Employees have a random selection of one person that can fool others on Friday's staff daily meeting. Add new employees that work on Fridays to this file and line. This does not apply to any other group.

Welcome message

Send the Welcome Message to the new team member, replacing the FILLME placeholders with proper values.

When someone leaves

Please do the opposite for all the things explained above.

System Hackers coordinators and the FSFE Council can review this repository to see access reports.

Also, when people are leaving the organization, they sometime want to keep working for FSFE as volunteers. Please ask the person if he / she wants to keep some user account to keep doing things as a volunteer.

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