Welcome Mail Template

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This mail is supposed to be sent to new core team members and staff members or interns. Please fill the [FILLME] placeholders and remove or add information if needed.

Dear [FILLME],

Welcome to the FSFE!

This message contains some basic instructions and references to access
the FSFE internal services for team members and interns. Please take
some time to read it carefully; in case of doubts or problems, don't
hesitate to ask for help: just write to

# Account

First of all, you should make sure to have an FSFE account.  This step
is required to give you access to some of our internal services, so
please do it as soon as possible. Then you can go through the remaining
steps in this document to have access to other services.

If you do not already have an account, you should:

  * Create a new account using
  * After manual activation, you can set a username and password. This
    username will be used as your email address and most other
    services, so choose wisely.
  * Be sure to choose a good password and keep it safe. Please see the
    suggestions at 
  * If you already have an account, log in on

# Instant messaging

As soon as your account is activated, you are encouraged to start using
the FSFE Matrix messaging account, so that we can give you better
support with the initial tasks. You can find setup instructions at
<>. You can join the "team" channel
upon invitation. Just approach your FSFE contact (usually the president
or one of the system hackers) to get an invite.

# Email communication

After activation, you will be subscribed to the internal mailing list This is where we coordinate our activities:
normally the assumption is that what was posted on team@, stays on
team@, in order to allow people to speak openly. So please be careful.

Interns and new employees will additionally be subscribed to for staff-related coordination. The same rules for
confidentiality apply.

You just became a member of the FSFE's General Assembly? We will also
subscribe you to

# GnuPG key for encryption

To secure our communication, encryption of email messages is crucial and
widely used within the FSFE. We prefer using OpenPGP keys (a.k.a.

If you don't already have one, please create an OpenPGP key and add your email address to it. Ideally you also upload it to keyservers
to enable others to find your key when trying to contact you. Have a
look at <> for more details and 

# Help resources

Our wiki contains a lot of resource that help you, especially with
technical questions and processes. We cannot expect that you know all
pages by heart, but before wondering and asking others, why not try out
a search (ideally also full-text search) at ?

Interns and staff may also appreciate the recorded "Tech Sessions" about
tools like Git or processes like the one for news articles or backups.
You will find them in our Nextcloud:

# Other technical services

To get an overview on the other services provided by your FSFE account,
you can see the page: Here's a short
overview of some important ones:

  * Ticket System (OTRS): An important part of our external
    communication is the Ticket System (OTRS) on Depending on your position you may have
    been added to certain queues. Documentation:
  * Git: Quite a lot of the FSFE's information and websites are stored
    on a version control systems called Git. In order to receive a Git
    account, you'll have to login at least once with your FSFE
    credentials – this is also required for giving you read/write access
    to certain repositories. More information on
  * Nextcloud: Some groups use Nextcloud to share files, calendars, and
    tasks. If you are member of one of the defined groups, you can log
    in to with your FSFE credentials.  More
    information on
  * Passbolt: Especially staff and finance team make use of an encrypted
    password store to share passwords. If your role in the FSFE requires
    you to have access to it, you will receive an invitation email.
    Please find the corresponding documentation for setup and use here:

# Are you an intern?

If you are beginning an intership at FSFE, you will find lots of useful
information in our "Interns Howto":

(you will be able to access this page as soon as your FSFE account is

On that page you will find further instructions to set up your access to
the remaining FSFE internal services.

Please also shortly introduce yourself to so people
know about you and your working areas. In this email, please also attach
your public OpenPGP key.

# Further questions

As agreed, your personal mentor is [FILLME]. If you have any questions
about the FSFE team, please get in touch with her or him.  Read more
about the concept of mentorship here:

For technical questions about the internal services, please ask for help
writing to

Best regards!

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