ACL Groups

Groups can be used for access control within wiki ACLs. A group page resides in the Group/ namespace and consists of a list of user names. A group may also contain other groups.

To add a new group, use this form:

Groups that exist today are:

To use groups for access control you must start a page with an ACL line:

#acl NAME:read,write,revert,delete,admin NAME,NAME,NAME:read NAME:

NAME may be:

/!\ It is possible to deny permissions to authenticated users, while retaining them for unknown users. Of course this makes no sense, it is a common pitfall to do so by accident. Be careful, especially when limiting read permissions to a page. Sometimes it is useful to log out, and refresh, to see if the page is really protected.

Permissions that can be given are:

ACLs are applied recursively from parent pages to sub pages. Setting ACLs on a sub page overrides conflicting rules in the parent page. To keep our wiki tidy, users may not perform any editing operation by default. Instead we grant broad editing permissions in certain sections, i.e. in FellowshipGroups.

You can leave the permission list behind a name empty, to grant no permissions at all. This is useful, i.e. to remove read permissions from all but some explicitly stated users. You should also limit admin permissions on pages which contain ACLs.



The following namespaces are used in this wiki:

For campaigns and other activities that affect multiple groups or have public visibility

see #Page Categories

Event calendar
Homepages of the FSFE fellows

see #ACL Groups

For fellows and groups to dump infos about their own technical projects

general help pages on MoinMoin wiki and on how to use the wiki

Invisible to most, used to hold protected team pages

non-technical knowledge (technical stuff goes to TechDocs)

For local FSFE groups and related pages
pages from the old FSFE wiki. Do not add new pages here!
For work groups with a topical or regional focus
For documenting FSFEs service infrastructure

see #Templates

For documenting this wiki instance and for coordination of the wiki admins.

Page Categories

Category pages are sub pages of Category

#ToDo: explain Categories


Page templates are sub pages of Template

#ToDo: explain Templating


Dictionary pages provide word and user interface translations within MoinMoin. However multilingual pages are not well implemented, so we keep our wiki mostly in English. Accordingly the user interface shouldn't be translated either and dictionary pages shouldn't be used.

If you want to meddle with dictionaries anyway see Our dictionary namespace is Dictionary/foobar

Navigation Bar

The main navigation bar of the wiki can itself be edited as a wiki page: WikiAdmin/NavigationBar

Don't mind, that the navigation bar looks funny when viewing this page itself.


If it's ok to have a visible wiki page that represents the redirect, you can use a processing instruction. If that's not a good option, you can edit the .htaccess file directly. *Please handle this file with care!*


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