Free Software in Education

This page serves as a hub to all pages related to Free Software in education in this wiki and how this info is organized. The information can be accessed by:

The stakeholder pages are mainly meant for advocates who want to push Free Software further in the educational field, although they can certainly be useful for anybody else!

Education Network

It is the goal of the Education Network to bring key stakeholders (teachers, pupils, student groups,...) who care about software freedom in education together and provide a place where they can share their experience, exchange ideas and develop new activities to foster Free Software in the education sector. We understand our self as a pan-European movement and as such want to invite contributors from all over Europe to join us. At the same time we acknowledge that language barriers can be a serious issue and therefore want to provide the possibility to create sub-groups based on different languages.


Inspired by Anne Ƙstergaard's presentation we divide the whole matter into the following sections:

Sample presentations:

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