Organisations or individuals that might help in this group

already existing projects

communication platforms, media for this group

argumentation and possible group specific concerns/pejudices that need to be tackled

concerns and prejudices:

  1. no cost, no quality
  2. why can't you just use what everybody else uses?
  3. XYZ is the software what the kids will face at their future work place, why should teach the kids how to use it?
  4. Hippi!
  5. if my kid is taught with FS, s/he has lower qualification/chances to get a job
  6. I have no clue about FS, but I do know MS. I can't help my kid with FS.
  7. Why even bother?

how can a member of this group help us

  1. talk to school (teacher, administration)
  2. become Fellow
  3. talk to other parents

advocacy material for this group

everything else that might fit

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