A quick guide to ticket dispatching

Step by step

  1. Log into

  2. On the top of the screen, click on Tickets.

  3. In the line starting with “My Queues”, click on the word Raw. If it doesn't appear there, there's (currently) nothing to dispatch. Try again later :-).

  4. Make sure that from the “S M L” buttons on the top right, the L is selected (dark). (S and M help when requiring an overview).

  5. Read the text of the ticket (right half of the screen) to decide in which queue it belongs. If you are unsure, leave it to somebody else and continue with the next ticket.
  6. Move the mouse cursor into the ticket area. A menu appears magically.
  7. Select Move.

  8. Select the target queue from the list.
  9. Continue with the next ticket.

Queue overview

Anything that has to do with money, including questions about donations and SV-net forms (A1 forms for traveling staff).
Job Applications
Job applications including applications as intern or trainee, and questions about job offerings including internship and trainee positions.
Inquiries about availability and shipping of merchandise and promotion material. (Not: inquiries about the design or content thereof).
Requests to sign our open letters, petitions, declarations, and so on.
System Administration
Technical questions or problem reports.
Everything that doesn't fit in any of the above.

Never move any ticket to a subqueue like "Finance::Merchandise Orders"!

Dealing with personal or account data

If there is a ticket with the request of deleting personal data or account, please forward the ticket to Requests to change personal data should go to the System Administration queue.

Searching for a ticket

If you moved by accident a ticket to a queue where it does not belong (e.g. Junk instead Misc), you can search for it in 2 ways:

  1. Using keywords - Just click on the search symbol at the top, enter something you remember in the field "full text", and click on "start search". Then you can move it to the right queue.
  2. Without keywords - Click in the "Add another attribute" field and select "Queue" from the drop-down menu. This will create an additional filter field called "Queue" where you can select the Queue, which you want to be displayed (e.g. Junk). Then click search.


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