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Word List for Translations

Special Terms And Their Translations

(The column for the translated term is empty in this page for obvious reasons, please refer to a translation of this page to see the word lists for the respective language.)


foreign language


associate organisation

See the associates page for details.

compulsory licensing

Compulsory Routers


(sponsoring level)


(the coordinator of a project or a country team of the FSFE)


deputy coordinator

(the second coordinator of a project or a country team of the FSFE)

Digital Restrictions Management (DRM)

Directorate-General (DG)

(the governmental department in the European Union)


editor (your editor)

When the editor/author of the newsletter refers to him/herself

Edu-Team // Education Team

Free Software in Education

Executive Director

See the constitution for details.

European Commission

European Council

European Court

European Patent Office

executive commitee

For details, see the template constitution for chapters.

extended executive commitee

For details, see the template constitution for chapters

Federal Network Agency


Often used in connection with standards or patents. The word translates differently depending on the context in some languages (e.g. French).

Free Software

Free Software community

FSFE / FSF Europe / Free Software Foundation Europe

"FSF Europe" is no longer used. Depending on the context we use "FSFE" or "Free Software Foundation Europe"

General Assembly (GA)

The highest organ in the FSFE.

GNU Project


"intellectual property"

always put in quotes!

Legal Affairs Committee / committee on legal affairs

local groups

mailing list

minor interpellation

network termination point


PDF reader

Software to view pdf-files

President of the FSFE

Public procurement


sister organisation

smart card

(the Fellowship card) Please avoid the term "crypto card" because of trademark issues!

software patent



UN World Summit on Information Society


(people who work in their spare time for FSFE)

Boilerplate Texts

For the Free Software Foundation Europe

About the Free Software Foundation Europe

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