Outdated translations

This page explains how translations on become outdated and how you can detect it.

Why is a translation outdated?

When browsing in a language other than English, you can find a yellow box near the top of the page telling you that a translation is no longer in sync with the original English text. The English version of a page/news item/event is always the reference point for the FSFE website.

This warning appears if the English version is newer than its respective translation. Usually, this happens if an editor changed something on the English file and not on the translation. Whether a translation is up to date with the original is determined by comparing the content of the <version> element near the top of the file.

How to check translation status?

If you are a translator and would like to find outdated translations, you can check the translation status page (see translation guide). But because this is not complete (it excludes news and events), you can also make use of a tool which you can find in the website repository.

In your terminal, navigate to the Git repository and run the following command to check the status of the page of the FSFE's mission statement:

./tools/ -a -f about/mission.en.xhtml 

The -a parameter makes the tool check all available translations. After -f parameter you have to provide the path to the file. You don't have to select the English version but can also choose another translation – the tool will detect it automatically.

The output of this command looks like the following at the time of writing:

Basefile: about/mission.en.xhtml (Version 2)
  --------    ----   -------
  OUTDATED     de       1
  OUTDATED     el       1
  OUTDATED     fi       1
  OUTDATED     it       1
  OUTDATED     pt       1
  Up-to-date   fr       2
  Up-to-date   nl       2
  Up-to-date   sq       2
  Up-to-date   tr       2

It shows you that the French, Dutch, Albanian and Turkish translations are up-to-date while the rest is outdated.

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