ToDo for 2017 Wiki Sprint

The wiki sprint 2017 was cancelled for personal reasons. Instead, the hackathon 2017 was held.

Please do also see ../Hackathon2017


Since basic editing is somewhat easy enough, authors rarely need to read the full documentation. As a result many features of the Wiki are not getting used. People seem to be frustrated about those perceived inabilities of the system. Hence documentation should not only be there, but be easier to access and consume in small bits.

We could:

We should also attempt a complete ACL documentation, Moinwiki supports some very handy ACL features, that are not documented on the Moin website. It's time to read the source.

Language Support

Moin does not really have multi language content support (there is multi language UI support, but that is entirely different). Our last brain storming in the FSFE office ended in the conclusion that a multi language Wiki will probably not be possible. Nevertheless Paul would like to venture into the field again, and collect possible practices for translating pages.


Many pages in the Migrated section have not yet found a home. Since in the mean time we have set up hierarchies, that were not there a year ago, we should try again to sort those pages.

We should also clear the redirection list. The rules can probably be simplified, resulting in improved web server performance.


Over the year we have probably come up with a good list of top level sections. The WikiAdmin section might not have made so much sense in the first place though, and maybe there are one two other improvements that could be made. Discuss! [Where? ~Guido ] ~doczkal: I would prefer to discuss this on the Mailinglist.


We should think about what plugins we may want to introduce, and we should think about working on the plugins we use. We should seek contact to the moin community to get possible modification upstream very quickly.

Table Parser

Evaluate, which has been installed in the past.

Alternatively: Find and convert existing tables to current format

||[|]]|| (./)|| || || IT<<BR>>(en, it)|| ||Mini-PCs (from [[|Koan]], who also seem to offer single-board computers]])||2015-12-19||

instead of this:

|| (./)
|| (./)
||Desktops, laptops and netbooks, compatible printers etc.

Which syntax is more likely to encourage participation? (Sample lines taken from Migrated/Hardware Vendors

Alternative 2: Moin supports some other markup languages, besides its own, and we wanted to look into markdown parsing anyway. Aside from looking into specialised table parsers, ,maybe we find a more common markup with better tables along the way.

Spell Checker

Find out how to run spell checking.

RSS feeds

Make Moins RSS function more visible, e.g. see if the page style can be modified to show an RSS button in the top row.


We use the EventCalendar macro, and in regard t its usability this seems to be a good basis. Still there could be improvements.

We use the Gallery2 parser, mostly because something similar was used on the old wiki, and the syntax was easy to translate automatically. The current version is slightly modified, because the upstream version includes some bloaty features that are a hassle to maintain on the server, and make for a bad UI. Since it is not really fair to propose patches that reduce features of the plugin, we could:

  1. find an alternative to this plugin
  2. fork it, or
  3. rewrite from scratch

Note: currently there seems to be a bug in the Gallery2 plugin which can cause pages to become unusable due to server errors.

As main requirements, the plugin should:

What should not be included are:

(or in fact those are the points, that Paul finds unpleasing about the current solution)



Stuff for general discussion, not necessarily related to the wiki sprint:

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