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The Wiki Caretakers team provides help with editing the FSFE wiki and organizes the wiki structure.


If you have a question, ask on the mailing list.

If you are not subscribed to the mailing list, please tell us to CC you on the reply!

About us

What we do

The wiki caretakers team is planning to have annual wiki sprints in which the wiki is cleaned up and improved.

The team helps in:

In short: our aim is to have a wiki where it's easy to find information and contribute to it

Why join the mailing list

Why indeed? You don't need to join the wiki caretaker team to improve the wiki - just improve the wiki!

Still, by joining our mailing list you can...

Useful information


During our first virtual European Coordinators Meeting in 2016, we realized that we should establish a team to take care of the wiki. There is a lot of great information on here, but some of it is hard to find, some of it is outdated, and some material is not so good at all. So we want to set up a group, the wiki caretakers, to go through the wiki, find the necessary tasks and then take care of them.

Johannes has given an status update on the wiki as a talk on the FSFE summit 2016 (slides).


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