As a local FSFE group, please feel welcome to organise local events in your area, and to publicly declare your group as the organiser of these events. FSFE's core team and staff are happy to support you in any way they can, so don't hesitate to ask for any kind of help you need.

Local Groups and Meetings

Local FSFE groups are where people get together locally to organise activities and talk about issues related to FSFE's mission and/or Free Software. Each official FSFE group has a coordinator who organises the meetings and can be your first point of contact. Local FSFE meetings are covered by our Code of Conduct. In addition to local groups, there are also thematic teams that may be of interest to you.


Teams have a topical focus in their work. They are not to be confused with LocalGroups which meet in a specific area. The people working in a team may or may not be located in the region on which they focus their political work. Teams can also revolve around a general topic.


This section contains an overview of the services run by teams of the FSFE. Most services are based on volunteers so please support them if you can!

Supporters' Homepages

This page lists all supporters that created their user page on the Wiki.


Information for FSFE employees, regarding documentation about internal systems, financial matters, office maintenance, etc. is mostly access restricted and can be found here.

Functional pages

ACL Groups

Groups that exist today are:


Categories are a non-hierarchical means to organize information in this wiki. They should not be used in place of namespaces, but in addition to them (think of categories as a way to add tags to your pages).

Page Templates

You can use any of these pages as templates for new pages:


The page you are viewing right now desires to have a special place ;-)

Automatic pages

Pages generated automatically by the Wiki system can help to gain an overview and can be useful for maintenance.

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