FSFE's QuickML instance has been deprecated and is not functional anymore.

About quickml

quickml is a service that allows quick ad-hoc mailing lists that everybody with an email address can freely create on demand. Mails to that list are not archived, and the mailing list will destroy itself after a certain period of inactivity. The domain for these lists is


Create a new mailing list

Just write an email to the new mailing list you want to create, and use your email address as the sender. Place everybody you want to have included in the mailing list in Cc. The name of the mailing list is yours to choose. It should reflect the purpose of the mailing list and must end in

 Subject: Planning for Foo-Meeting

 Let's start with the preparations for this meeting!

You will receive an email asking you to confirm the creation of the new mailing list; just reply to this email and the mailing list is up and running!

From now on, you can just write to the list address (in our example to reach all the recipients on the mailing list.

Add a new member

Write an email to the list address and Cc the new member.

 Subject: New volunteer

 Hi, volunteer has just offered help with the preparations!

Everybody who is already on the mailing list may add new members this way.


Send an email to the list address and include any of the existing members.

 Subject: I join you

 Hello, I'm here to help you, too!


Send an email to the list address with an empty message body.

Remove a member

Send an email to the list address with an empty message body and put the address which should be removed in Cc.

Current bugs

The quickml software has a bug handling non-ASCII characters in the subject of the emails it distributes, but apart from that, it works just fine.

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