FSFE XMPP server

Each FSFE supporter and volunteer has an account on our public XMPP (formerly known as "jabber") server for instant messaging.

Connecting to the server

In order to use the Jabber service, you will need a Jabber client, such as:

Gajim | Kopete | Pidgin | Psi | Empathy | Adium

or any other :-)

Configuration is simple:

Notes for specific clients

Contacting other users

To find other users, you can try to contact them directly at OR Unfortunately, both work, but they are practically different accounts, so if someone is using and you try to add them as they will not find you.

Chat rooms

There's a chat room for our volunteers and supporters available through our XMPP server:

If you have problems with your Jabber account, you can contact <contact AT fsfe DOT org>


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