Page templates make it possible to prepare the structure for similar pages before they are created. You can think of it as a blank form that needs to be filled out before it can be used.

The existing templates in this wiki can be found on the page Template.

Using templates

There are two ways in which templates are used in this wiki:

  1. Implicitly, whenever you follow a link to a non-existing page
  2. Explicitly, using a page creation button

In the implicit case, when you follow a non-existing link (e.g. NonExistingLink) the wiki lets you choose between the various templates and a clean, empty page.

In the explicit case (e.g. on the Events page), the template is already selected and often part of the page name is already fixed.


In many templates, you'll find lines beginning with "##". These are comments on how to use the template. Simply delete those lines while you are filling the page with content.

Do not remove lines beginning with a single "#", such as "#language" or "#pragma". These are processing instructions for the wiki that should remain on the page.


Many templates use the variable @PAGE@ somewhere. This is automatically substituted for the page name as soon as you save the page.


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