The FSFE is made up out of the work of its volunteers. Some of the services we run, like providing a blog space for volunteers, are managed by our community, for our community. We call these services our "volunteer run services": it's any number of services which a group of volunteers have taken responsibility for running on behalf of the FSFE, for the benefit of other volunteers. These services run on the FSFE's infrastructure, and our system administration team take responsibility for the underlying infrastructure while leaving the running of the individual services up to the volunteer group.

This is the basic outline for a volunteer service, and if you're interested in participating in one of the volunteer teams, you should get in touch with each respective coordinator. If you're interested in running a service yourself, you should get in touch with our system administration team, who can help you get in touch with other volunteers who may want to join.


  1. Each volunteer team should have at least one coordinator and a deputy.
  2. The coordinators should participate in an informational role in our system-hackers team, so they know what's going on with our systems generally and can function as the link between the different groups and their own team.
  3. The team should maintain current information about the service and themselves on our Wiki
  4. Any requests or questions about the service will be forwarded to the volunteer team, so it's important that someone monitors and responds to such questions.

Current services



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