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New Technical Services

For new technical services, we would like to use Docker as it is good for security and reproducibility. Please use it whenever possible, as it is rather simple to set up new services in our Docker infrastructure. It is important that every service follows a few rules and is documented in the necessary places. This document describes a few things that have to be taken care of. Thanks for your interest in expanding and improving the FSFE's technical landscape!

Every new service should fulfill the following requirements:

Here are more details on the maintainer's responsibilities.

1. Announcement to System Hackers

Before starting a new service, please make sure to alert the System Hackers. Indicate your plans and wait for feedback. Often this helps to identify problems before they arise, and it is helpful for planning technical resources.

After approval you will be given the necessary permissions to set up the service. For some processes you might need someone with high-level access which we will gladly help with.

2. While setting up the service

3. Technical Documentation

It is crucial to document your new service as good as possible.

4. Monitoring

For peace of mind consider monitoring the new service with the icinga monitoring system. Please take a look at this guide and the existing configuration.

5. Documentation of data processing (GDPR)

After the technical documentation is in a good shape, add the service to the data processing overview. This is crucial for our GDPR obligations.

As a positive side-effect this should remind you of checking that your service doesn't collect more information than necessary.

6. Communicating back

Your service is running and well documented? Congratulations! Now come back to the System Hackers and update them about the recent changes. If your service makes the lives of FSFE people much easier, think about a blog post and a small info to our newsletter editors to attract users to the new service.

7. Do not leave us!

The most important task is to not let the service become abandoned. The volunteering System Hackers cannot take care of dozens of service alone, so we depend on the service maintainers. If you no longer want to maintain the service, please let us know.

Thanks for making the FSFE a better place! :)

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