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Monitoring Notifications

Our monitoring systems sends notifications if something worrying is detected on one of our systems, e.g. outstanding upgrades, full disks, unreachable websites, or faulty backups.

All FSFE System Hackers are subscribed by default to the system-monitoring@ list to which notifications are sent.


If you would like to limited the mails you receive via this list, and only receive mails for hosts which you are responsible for or interested in, please check your options as subscriber of this list. Via the Topics you can select the servers or server groups you would like to receive mails for, and thereby deselect others.

In any case we strongy recommend to set "Do you want to receive messages that do not match any topic filter?" to Yes, in case the topic was not suffiently defined beforehand.

Of course, you can also do client-side filtering of messages, e.g. via Sieve on your server, or in your email client.

Access to Icinga

All System Hackers can obtain a read-only access to our Icinga2 instance. The user name is syshackers-ro, the password will be sent to them via private email. If you did not receive it, please contact the current team coordinators.

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