Add a new server

Please note that for now only debian servers are supported. To add a new server to the icinga monitoring system, follow these steps:

Add the server in the Ansible playbooks

Add the new host to the ansible inventoryby following this procedure, then update the inventory submodule in the inventory submodule. And run:

git clone --recurse-submodules
ansible-playbook playbook.yml \
        -i inventory/hosts \
        -l "icinga2_clients"

This will:

Add the server in the icinga configuration

Add the server in the conf.d/hosts.conf file. Here is an example:

object Host "host1" {
  import "ssh-agent"

  address = ""
  address6 = ""

  # Ensure apache2 is running
  vars.service["apache2"] = {
    service_to_check = "apache2"
  # Check disk space
  vars.disks["/"] = {
    disk_partition = "/"

  # Check website
  vars.http_vhosts["examplepage"] = {
    http_uri = "/"
    http_vhost = ""
    http_ssl = true

Please see the file conf.d/commands.conf for a list of already existing monitoring commands meant to be used via SSH. Please follow the steps in the page ../AddNewPlugin, for details about how to create new ones.


To deploy the changed configuration, add your changes to the git repository and run the ansible playbook by following the intructions in the README.

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