Add a new server

This page has been moved to with the rest of the sysadmin documentation.

Please note that for now only debian servers are supported.

To add a new server to the icinga monitoring system, you will have to edit the hosts.conf file of the Icinga2 configuration.

Unlike you would expect, this file cannot be found in the configuration of our monitoring server, but inside of the baseline playbook for the individuals hosts we monitor.


Firstly, add the host to the hosts.conf file. The syntax should be self-explanatory, especially if you copy entries from the other hosts. You will see that you mainly have to configure the hostname, whether it is available via IPv4 and IPv6, or only IPv6 (defined by address and address6, and the partitions, services, and vhosts you would like to check. For special services, there are special checks and options. Some checks are made by default, e.g. the time, backup status, load etc.

Secondly, deploy the monitoring server configuration as well as the client plugins to the correct destinations. In order to do so, please find the instructions in the README of baseline.

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