How to use the financial repository

This page has been moved to with the rest of the sysadmin documentation.

The goal of this document is to explain how the financial repository works. It relies on SFTP to share parts of the server's filesystem.

How to use it?

Use the following command:

# For debugging
sftp -vv

Or use a file manager with a GUI, please follow this tutorial.

Sample configuration

Here is a example to give access to a user, from the /etc/ssh/sshd_config:

match group team1, user *,!auto-er
        allowtcpforwarding no
        chrootdirectory /path/to/sftp/team1
        forcecommand internal-sftp -u 007

This configuration is applied to everyone logged in as a user part of the team1 group, except auto-er. For all members of this group, they are jailed in /path/to/sftp/team1 and are forced to use the command internal-sftp -u 007 , which gives them a SFTP access with a 007 umask.

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