Mail Aliases

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In the FSFE we often use email aliases to forward mails from one address to another. This can be used for:

Add or edit an alias

All aliases are defined in the ansible playbook for our mail servers (currently mail1 and list1). Please don't do any edits on the servers itself as all changes would be overwritten with the next playbook run.

Assuming that you would like to add or edit an alias for the domain, execute following steps:

  1. In your terminal, go to the ansible playbook's directory
  2. Execute ansible-vault edit host_vars/ The file has to be encrypted with your GPG key, otherwise you are not able to view or edit the file.

  3. In the editor which has been opened, you can edit the values. In the correct section, an example entry could be "": ","

  4. Push the changes to the mail server by running the playbook only on the mail1 host as root user and only the aliases tag: ansible-playbook -i inventory/hosts -l -t aliases -u root site.yml

  5. Optional: You can check whether everything is alright on the server in the file /etc/postfix/domains/

  6. If everything is OK, commit and push your changes to the fsfe-mail repository.

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