BorgBase repositories

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We use BorgBase for backups of our staff members. They are asked to follow the OfficeBackUp guide and will therefore at one point contact the System Hackers.

Users who want to have a new backup repository shall provide the following information:

Create repository

We create the backup repository and send the user a borgmatic configuration file. Follow these steps:

  1. Log in on using the credentials. They are available in our shared password store

  2. Go to Account > SSH Keys and add the user's key

  3. Go to the Repositories tab and click New Repo

  4. Use the user's FSFE username as repository name, select their key for full access, and make sure the server location is EU

  5. Left of the new repository, click the copy symbol to copy the remote repository path

Send information

Now, we send the user the necessary information:

  1. Take the borgmatic's config template and fill in the hostname and the included/excluded repositories. Save it as config.yaml. Do not replace the password obviously

  2. Reply to the user's email with the following text, and attach the config.yaml file:


I have created your remote backup storage.

Attached you will find the borgmatic configuration file config.yaml.

You can now continue with finalising your backup setup, following 
the guide on

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