This page is outdated and the relevant parts have been moved to with the rest of the sysadmin documentation.


Postfix on our cavendish server takes care of transferring mails in our infrastructure. The processes listed here are not relevant to the average FSFE user but for our System Hackers.

Creating an alias/forward

With a Postfix alias you can forward a mail sent to one email address to another address. For example, always redirects to the handle of the acting FSFE president and is not a usual FSFE supporter/volunteer account.

  1. Log in on cavendish

  2. Change or add a line to /etc/postfix/domains/ or a virtual alias file of another existing domain

  3. Run postalias /etc/postfix/domains/

  4. Run postmap /etc/postfix/domains/

Now you can test it by sending a mail to the newly created alias. The changes should become effective immediately.

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