Checklist for event registrations

The event registration tool allows people to easily add their events to our website. On the backend side, this requires a person checking the entries and adding the to our website and the wiki manually. If you are a staffer, see the checklist on the bottom.

The event entry

New events are submitted via the Events Registration tool on the FSFE's website: The process currently looks like the following:


In order to make the addition of an event to the website as smooth and flawless as possible, the checklist below will help you to avoid typical mistakes:

Curate the content

The text often needs to be edited. In the cases where there is not enough information submitted, contact the submitter over the ticket system. If the information is enough but just not well written, edit it in a way that it would be understandable by the external audience. The main attributes needed are:

In general the description should be written in a way that a non-FSFE reader can understand it. Avoid using names without an explanation who those people are. Do not settle for 1 or 2 phrases of events description. Chase the submitters if what they give is not enough.

Acceptance Criteria

Not all submitted events qualify to be published and promoted across our platforms. The criteria the submitted events must cover are:

Sometimes we may receive submissions to events that are not even software relevant. In cases like this, we reply to them by trying to promote ourselves and our activities. An example reply to an irrelevant submission can be:

Dear XXX,

Thank you for the email and the interest in informing us about your training course/conference/event. However, I would like to use the occasion to clarify that our event submission tool is intended for events where the FSFE is part of or invited to participate at under any form.
In case you would like to invite FSFE representatives to lead an online training/give a talk or write about the use of Free and Open Source Software in your industry or any other domain, or in general anything with regards to our work and projects, please feel invited to take a look at our team page here: or projects we work on here: and choose which one would be most fitting to your topics.

Adding events for FSFE staffers

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