Activities Section

Under, we collect all (potentially) time-limited, concrete activities. This could be huge campaigns like "Public Money? Public Code!", short-term actions like "Save Code Share", or long-term engagements like the FSFE Legal Network. They are separated from general, more time-less information texts, e.g. about why Free Software is important for democracy, education; or what Open Standards are.

All activities are categorised in at least three sections: Public Awareness, Policy Advocacy and Legal Support. Some activities can span multiple categories.

Add a new activity

You have a new activity that you want to display on the website? Here's how:

  1. Create a new folder under the /activities/ directory. Give it a good name: short, but understandable. No spaces, avoid hyphens if possible, all lower case. Example here: /activity/myaction/

  2. In it, add a file with the same name as the folder, including the language indicator, e.g. myaction.en.xhtml. This works like any other page on, see the existing ones for inspiration

  3. In the myaction/ folder, add a file called activity.en.xml. Don't change this name! In order to have your activity displayed correctly, read below which meta data it should contain.

Translate an activity

Translators can just copy an activity.en.xml file, exchange en with their language code, and save it in the same directory (e.g.

Then you can start translating all texts between the brackets (>translate me<), no stuff in the attributes (like href="https://" or key="awareness"). Basically, just like all other files on the website.

As with other files, you can check whether your translation is up to date by comparing the <version> number, or just have a look on the Translation status page.

Activity File Syntax

The activity file (activity.en.xml, but can also be translated) contains meta data for an activity. It will be collected by our build system and displayed nicely on the activities page and its category-specific siblings.

As an example, see how the activity file of the PMPC campaign looks like. We will go through each relevant line:

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