Mailing Lists

Creating a list

  1. The mailing lists are run on cavendish, so login as

  2. Create the list by typing the command "newlist <listname>", for instance "newlist gazonk" to create

  3. You'll be asked for the email of the person running the list, and an initial password. Enter both.
  4. When you've entered the details, the list will be created and the person running the list will get a notification with the initial password.
  5. Add the list under the appropriate section in Howto/MailingLists in internal svn.

Removing a list

  1. Login to cavendish as

  2. Run the command "rmlist <listname>" to remove a list. Add the flag "-a" to also remove any remaining archives.

Mail queue management

  1. On cavendish, there's a script bin/scan-mlist-member which takes as an argument a grep regexp. It runs through all mailing lists and reports on which lists a member matching that regexp can be found.
  2. Run "mailq" to get a list of mails in the queue, it's often around 1-300 at any one time.
  3. If you see a lot of mails from * to a single email address, or similar, this can be caused by someone trying to subscribe the same person thousands of times to our mailing lists. Mailman then generates a mail for each attempt. You can run the "bin/", which first gives you a list of which recipients have more than >10 mails in the queue. CHECK IT CAREFULLY. It can be that someone DOES have >10 mails in the queue, and that's okay. But else, if this is just recipients of abuse/spam, you can just hit enter and it will remove all those mails.

  4. In general, bin/ can be fed an email address as parameter and it will remove any mail in the queue either FROM or TO that address.

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