Personalised mass-mailing with Thunderbird

With Thunderbird it is possible to send personalised mass-mailings. That means that you can create an almost unlimited number of mails with roughly the same content but for example starting with the address (Hello Ms ...) containing the actual name. Also it is possible to define individual attachments for each email.

This short guide just explains the way we did it in some cases with a CSV file. According to the documentation it is also possible to use the built-in address book as source for the recipients' data, and there may be dozens of other cool tricks.

Mr Mueller;;file_mueller.pdf
Ms Doe;;file_doe.pdf
Mrs Schneider;;file_schneider.pdf

For the whole message you can now use the variables NAME, EMAIL and ATTACHMENT. Just define new columns in the CSV files if you need more.

{{NAME}} <{{EMAIL}}>

Dear {{NAME}},

That should be everything.

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