Knowledge base for FSFE Promotion Material

This is an overview page for the FSFE promotion material section including some subpages. You will find:

For the outside: Spread the word (page)

Please have a look at the Spread the word on This is the central web page and access to our one and only public repository and archive of all FSFE promotion material (under - see next chapter).

To maintain the page

To maintain the page, please check the following: Page: the content is build dynamically using xml-files. Every item has a file and each file different language versions. You find the files here: //local-SVN-trunk-of-fsfe-homepage/contribute/promoitems only update information in their files. Do not forget to update other language versions!


Each Promoitem has some files dedicated to it. This is: - an xml-file that is used on the spread the word page with a description, links etc - normally in various languages - a PDF file that is used to sent it to the printer or to spread it in the internet

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