The FSFE hosts a Kanban board at The board is used by staffers to keep an overview of priorities, or by topical and campaigns teams. To be added to active boards used by staffers, contact Matthias.

The service is not tied to tied to the normal FSFE accounts, so everyone has to register on their own. You can also be invited via mail by registered people.

Weekly Staff Planning

The most "important" board on the website for staff is the "Weekly Staff Planning", though "weekly" is more accurately described as "bi-weekly". Every two weeks, a staff meeting is held that:

Staffers are required to sort out their priorities on the board before the meeting occurs. Only priorities should be added, not little tasks.


If you want to receive e-mail notifications, click your username in the upper right corner and select your preferred method of receiving notifications.

To watch a specific board, click on the board and you will find a button in the banner that by default says "Muted". You can change the notifications for that board there.

Note: Wekan's mail notifications are not really stable so please don't rely on them.

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