IRC Channels and Cloaks

The FSFE is using Freenode for our IRC communication and most of the activity takes place in the #fsfe channel. Other channels may be created on the fly and be called things like #fsfe-newcampaign and so on, as it's needed, but in general, there's not enough talk in #fsfe that having any kind of related discussion there would cause a problem in most cases. We have a group registration with Freenode, which means we're responsible for all channels with #fsfe-* names as well as cloaks of the form @fsfe/<name>.

The current administrator for the group registration, and the one who communicates with Freenode staff about changes is Max (mxmehl on IRC).


If you want to have an FSFE cloak enabled for your Freenode name, please send a mail to contact (a) In order to have an FSFE cloak, you must: (a) have your name registered with NickServ (see the Freenode knowledge base for information), and (b) have an account on the FSFE's systems (meaning you're either a volunteer, fellow or staff). Please see this Wiki page about volunteer accounts and how to create one.

All cloaks are generally of the format "fsfe/<username>" where the username is your username in the FSFE's systems. Current staff can be identified by the cloak "fsfe/staff/<username>".

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