IRC Channels and Cloaks

The FSFE is using Libera Chat for our IRC communication and most of the activity takes place in the #fsfe channel. Other channels may be created on the fly and be called things like #fsfe-newcampaign and so on, as needed. However, chat volumes in #fsfe tend to be moderate, so extra channels are not in routine use. We have a group registration with Libera Chat, which means we are responsible for all channels with #fsfe-* names as well as cloaks of the form @fsfe/<name>.

Our current group contacts with Freenode are Max (mxmehl on IRC) and Heiki (Repentinus).

FSFE no longer has any presence on Freenode

In response to us announcing a migration to Libera Chat, Freenode staff took over #fsfe on Freenode, so we no longer maintain any presence there. Do not trust fsfe/* cloaks on Freenode. Our Vice President Heiki has dropped the nick Repentinus on Freenode, so anyone using the nick on Freenode is not affiliated with us.


If you want to have an FSFE cloak enabled for your Libera Chat nickname, please send a mail to contact (a) In order to have an FSFE cloak, you must: (a) have your name registered with NickServ (see the Libera Chat website for guidance), and (b) have an account on the FSFE's systems (meaning you're either a volunteer, supporter, or staff). Please see this Wiki page about volunteer accounts and how to create one.

Our cloaks generally take the form of fsfe/username, where username corresponds to an entry in our account database. Employees and volunteers with defined responsibilities may be granted a cloak of the form fsfe/descriptor/username. The following descriptors are currently in use:

The FSFE bot (FSFE on Libera Chat) has the cloak fsfe/helper/bot. It is currently being developed by Repentinus.

Note for FSFE's IRC group owners: ask on #libera-communities to have the cloak created, e.g.: "Please create a cloak: fsfe/$fsfe_user for $irc_user"

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