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The FSFE has a BBB instance running on

Depending on the room settings, you do not need an account on this instance to join a conference, but FSFE account can also log in after a manual approval by an admin.

Log in with you FSFE account

To log in with your FSFE account, follow these steps closely:

  1. Go to and click on "Sign in" on the top right.

  2. Another click on Sign in with LDAP (the big red button)

  3. Then, enter your FSFE username (no!) and your password, and sign in.

  4. Two things need to happen afterwards: a) confirm the email that you should have received, and b) wait for an admin to approve your account.
  5. If a) and b) are done, you can log in finally. Follow steps 1-3 for this each time.

Remember: always use "Sign in with LDAP", the other fields won't work!


At the moment of writing, BBB provides some basic and advanced functions:

Your rooms

Every user has one room by default. You can rename it, give it an access code, and change its settings. This is a great way to invite other people to a conference.

You might also see rooms that have been shared with you. You cannot change their settings, but will be moderator and can start them on your own.

To see the URL that others need to join the room, click on the room and see the field above it that says "Invite Participants". Depending on the room settings, others have to wait until you entered the room, or they can start the conference on their own. Be responsible with this setting, better safe than sorry!

If you share a room with another user ("Manage Access"), be aware that they will be moderator of the room, so you do not have sole control over the room any more.

Hints and troubleshooting


Large numbers of people can cause trouble and the BBB session might break down. Our instance can roughly handle around 100 people.


There are some basic rules for online conferences:

Breakout rooms

Breakout rooms are a bit unintuitive to handle. Here are some hints:


Please ask for consent before recording the room.

The meeting has to be ended (manually) to process the recording.

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