This is a draft of instructions for our Teams and LocalGroups sections of the wiki. It gives some information about how each team should present itself and what information we expect as part of the template we provide.

Different teams

The FSFE has three different types of teams:

  1. topical teams (such as Teams/System-Hackers or Teams/WikiCareTakers)

  2. country teams (such as Teams/TeamAustria)

  3. local groups (such as LocalGroups/Hamburg).

If a team is not active any more, it is marked as inactive.


A topical team does not need to assign any particular categories to their page. Any Teams page defaults to being an active topical team. The same is true for a local group, although local groups are encouraged to add one or more country categories, just like country teams. By default, any LocalGroups page is considered an active local group.

A country team should include the category Category/CountryTeam. In addition, any information related to a particular country, regardless of it being a country team, a local group or event, should include the category for that country, for instance Category/Austria.

If a team is inactive, regardless of what kind of team it is, should include the category Category/Inactive. This makes sure the team is not listed as an active team, but the information is still available by following a link to pages of older and inactive teams.


Topical teams and country teams belong in the Teams namespace, and local groups must be placed in the LocalGroups namespace.

Templates and languages

There's only one template, Template/Team which work for any kind of team and any local group. While each page, especially for local groups and country teams, is expected to mostly contain information in the language relevant for the team, the information from the template is expected to be filled in in English. If you would like, you may include bilingual information in the template though, so for instance, you can include in the team page something like:

A group about Free Software in Sweden / En grupp om fri programvara i Sverige

The template also include expected information about who are the coordinator and deputy coordinator for a group. There could be more than one deputy and coordinator. It's good practice to include both the real name or pseudonym of the coordinator, as well as their username, so it's easy for people to get in touch (knowing the username means knowing the e-mail address, since you just need to append to it). So for instance:

Jane Doe (janed)

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