This is the script for the video which is being produced for REUSE.

As a developer, worrying about copyrights and licenses is tiresome. It takes time and energy, which you’d rather spend coding. Couldn’t we give that work to someone else? Or, you know, automate the heck out of it so we can replace the work with a very small shell script?

Putting a free and open source software license on your code doesn’t take a lot of time, and there are several recommendations for how to do this. With our project “REUSE software”, we aim for something more: copyrights and licenses which can be read not only by humans, but by computers too.

To make some of the work with licenses and copyrights as easy as running a lint checker.

Here’s what we’re asking:

  1. Provide the exact text of each license used, in verbatim form, without removing any existing license texts.
  2. Include a copyright notice and license in each file, with a consistent style, with reference to the license text and an appropriate SPDX License Identifier.
  3. Provide an inventory of licenses and copyrights for included software, but only if you can generate it automatically!

Check out the details on and get your “reuse compliant” badge today!

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