Gabriel Ku Wei Bin (gabriel.ku)
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Carmen Bianca Bakker (carmenbianca)
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The goal is to develop best practices for copyright and license information; so it is easier to reuse software again.


About Us

The REUSE Initiative is a project of the FSFE that strives to make managing copyrights and licenses in Free and Open Source Software easier, by making license information and copyrights contained in software machine readable (and understandable). To accomplish this, the REUSE Initiative prescribes a set of basic best practices for developers to adopt when creating and reusing Free Software. It also provides Git repositories which follow these best practices, to be forked as the starting point for projects.

The current Project Team for the REUSE Initiative consists of the Coordinator and the Deputy Coordinator, and will work closely with the Licence Questions Team.

How Decisions are made for the REUSE Initiative

Recommendations on actions to be taken in relation to the REUSE Initiative shall be made by the Project Team, and/or the Licence Questions Team. The adoption of any such actions should first be agreed to by the the FSFE’s General Counsel and/or the FSFE’s Council, before they are executed by the Project Team.

In considering what actions to take and how to execute them, the Project Team shall take into account input from members of the Legal Network, as well as members of relates frameworks and tools.

Final decisions in relation to how to execute agreed upon actions shall be made by the Coordinator, although all feedback from all interested parties must first be considered.


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