Public Money, Public Code (PMPC) Campaign Team

Max Mehl (max.mehl)
How to join
By invitation, but get in contact with the team or the coordinator if you wish to contribute actively.
Mailing lists (invitation only)


The PMPC team works on the FSFE's Public Money? Public Code! campaign. This involves multiple sub-projects. It consists of some staffers and awesome volunteers.


There are some projects attached to the PMPC campaign, for instance:


Decision Making

PMPC is a fast-moving activity. Therefore, we need a elaborated decision making structure which enables us to react quickly but at the same time allows to include useful feedback from other teams. We've chosen to adapt the well-known RAPID model for making important decisions. A decision could be whom to interview, how a website looks like, and whether a publication is final and can be sent to the printer.

The "Project team" varies of course depending on the projects presented above. The PMPC team consists of many staffers, a few selected volunteers, and freelancers.


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