Hi, I am Cryptie

I am a Free Software activists: I have been a volunteer (and a Fellow/donator) of the FSFE since 2012. I have been the Deputy Coordinator for the translation into French for a few years now and, since 2017, I have been a member of the General Assembly.

I am also a Privacy nerd: I did a Ph.D on Cryptographic tools for user's privacy and contents in FR. You can find my academical papers on dblp under 'Amandine Jambert'. I have been working as an IT specialist in privacy for the FR public sector for 10 years.

I share my thoughts either on my (rarely updated...) blog on the FSFE's blog plateform or on Mastodon cryptie AT (I have to admit that I am also on twitter @cryptie_).


Encrypt your messages


If you don't know how to do so, a good start is either the E-mail self-defense website maintained by the FSF or our FSFE leaflet.

My keys:


(last verification of keys april 2022, if fingerprint don't match please contact me)

Meet me at Free Software events

I usually can be found:

Others associations I love


If you arrived here to talk about the doxing I was victim of, the blackmail threats I received or to comment posts (probably from the same author) about some weird stuff about me/other visible women in the Free Software community/FSFE/etc., please read those links first:

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