FSFE community meeting 2017

Most Important Meta Info

About the community meeting

The community meeting shall become the once-in-a-year opportunity for all people engaged inside FSFE to come together, share knowledge, grow projects, hack, discuss and get active. It is the extension of the formerly known coordinators-meeting and shall facilitate two kinds of meetings on the same occasion: the already mentioned meeting for everyone active in the FSFE community as well as small-group-meetings of dedicated working groups inside the FSFE community.

Participants of the European Coordinators Meeting 2015 in Unperfekthaus

Participation and participants

We have physical limitations, that will only allow us to invite 40 people to this year's community meeting. Despite these limitations, we like the community meeting to be as open as possible while we are trying to keep productivity at the same time.

Every member of any team of the FSFE is invited to participate. Defined as a team for this purpose is every arrangement of people who work together beyond local ties. For example this means that all coordinators are invited (they work together beyond local ties on coordinators@) but we cannot invite every local team member as well. With this rule, we understand the following groups as teams for the community meeting:

In addition, Everybody invited can be the invitation-buddy for one more person who is not invited by default. This shall ensure that people can participate who for example are very active or have a high standing in their local group but we simply do not know about them.

ATTENTION: We have no social order or hierarchy. instead, we will give space on a first-come first-serve basis. Please use the attendees-wiki-page to announce your coming and to make sure to get your place.

Logistics and accommodation


In short: except breakfast and alcoholic drinks we take care of catering.


The closest public transport stop is "S+U Jannowitzbrücke" On this transportation stop the S-Bahn and the U8 are crossing each other. Either look for a hotel/flat next to the venue so you can walk there or you pick one close to one of the transportation stops of the U8 or the S-Bahn. As long as you stay inside "the ring", this should allow you to come to the venue below half an hour.

Find more information and some hotel-pick-ups on the accommodation page.



In the evening

How to find the office:

For late joiners: the restaurant we go is around the corner: Due Forni, Schönhauser Allee 12, 10119 Berlin. The Restaurant on OpenStreetMap.

And for even later joiners: the bar we are going to have a drink: Kaschk, Linienstrasse 40, 10119 Berlin. The bar on OpenStreetMap


open doors: 9:00 start: 9:30

12:30 lunch

18:30 end: pizza & party

If you like to run a workshop or a group session please get in contact with Erik


open doors: 9:30 start: 10:00

12:30 lunch break

Participants of the European Coordinators Meeting 2013 in e-Lok

About costs and grants


The FSFE invites you to this community meeting. Attendance is free. You only have to pay travel and accommodation.


We like to enable active people from our community to attend the community meeting no matter their financial resources. We will help you with travel and accommodation costs. If you like to apply for a grant, please get in contact with Erik

Getting there and away

A map and all detailed information about arrival coming soon.

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