Participation of Free Software creators in ILoveFS

Dear Free Software developers, projects, organisations, and companies,

On 14th of February the "I Love Free Software" day will be celebrated again! It's a day for Free Software users to thank the contributors of their favourite software applications, projects and organisations. For the most part it's an online event with huge online activities in social networks and blogs (see 2015 report). Like in the last years the Free Software Foundation Europe will organise this event.

For this year we'd like to include you, the Free Software creators, more than ever. So there're three easy ways for you to easily participate in the campaign:

  1. Postcards: At the upcoming FOSDEM conference we will offer our visitors to fill out our #ilovefs postcards and send them to any address they want via snail mail. To make it easier for them we want to prepare some postal addresses – including yours. So if you're fine with receiving some love letters please tell us your postal address where we can send them to.

  2. Promotion: If you want to support this lovely campaign, we would like to ask you to promote it a little bit. For example by writing a blog post on the day itself or before (and tweet about it using #ilovefs), or by including some of our graphics on your website. This way we can reach more people and make them aware of the necessity to not only criticise but also to appreciate the work of Free Software creators.

  3. Material: And if you feel like spreading some love at events, in your offices, or pretty up some pictures, please feel free to order a package with the best of our #ilovefs material – posters, flyers, stickers, balloons, and more. You can also grab some of our stuff at FOSDEM if you're around.


We are looking forward to your message and our cooperation. Just write an email to Max Mehl who is organising this year's campaign. For any questions please don't hesitate to contact him.


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