I Love Free Software Day 2016

As every year we invite you to celebrate Free Software and its creators and contributors on Valentine's Day (14th February).

#ilovefs is a campaign which lives through YOU! We invite you to be part of it to thank the many people behind Free Software, and to show the world that our movement and ideals are unique and amazing.

Please have a look at the things we've planned so far. Give us feedback, or be an active part of one of these actions. And if you have an own idea which you want to be realised, feel free to just it! Be creative, be free. Just contact our organising team.

Free Software developers, organisations, and companies: Please see how you can participate in ILoveFS with your project. We tailored some actions to you!

Planned actions

In the past people did this on #ilovefs:

This year we'd like to have a lot of pictures

Advertising ILoveFS

To make ILoveFS popular, we'd like to spread the word for it. And with your help, we can reach many more people than we ever did! So please ask some companies and projects (small or large, doesn't matter!) to include the ILoveFS graphic material on their websites. Please just tell us which people you contacted so we don't do any double work.

Promotion material

For ILoveFS we already have some nice materials to order in our shop and on the promo material page:

With our budget (~1000 EUR), we are able to create some other cool stuff. If you have a nice idea and want to see it realised, contact us so we can talk about it! For example we thought of

You have a nice idea? Go on, make it real!


For all ILoveFS related enquiries, please contact Max. He is looking forward to your ideas, feedback and anyone who wants to support this campaign.


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