Notes from our meetings

On this page we collect the links which have been posted to the chat in our meetings.

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April 2023

Topics, we talked about.

March 2023

Topics, we talked about.

February 2023

We talked about Wiki-Software

We talked about Anita Borg and Free Software Podcast as source for quotes for Women's Day.

We talked about creating a circular logo from Umbrella for circular stickers.

January 2023

We met on 20. January Online on

Elsi told us about a Python project she is involved with and so we spoke a while about Python and the tools that play a role in this context.

As we had a participant in our meeting who has no programming skills yet, we talked about ways to learn programming.

One person told about her bad experience with using the Microsoft Windows PC in dark mode and that this works much better in the Linux environment.

A privacy-related topic for another time

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